ZVL ITALIA s.p.a. is one of the major suppliers of bearings on the Italian market thanks to its more than 45 years of experience.
As the name itself suggests, ZVL Italia has long been focused on the ZVL brand, making it the world’s largest marketer and promoter of the brand.

As the company has a huge warehouse space, it can also satisfy the demanding needs of bearings for primary production and also for aftermarket.
The fast and high level of service, together with the pricing policy, allows ZVL Italia to supply a wide portfolio of customers.

On the Italian market, ZVL Italia is known as a reliable and important supplier of bearings in the agricultural sector, as well as in the railway, automotive and steel industries, where it is necessary to guarantee above all a high quality of bearings.
The cooperation with ZVL SLOVAKIA a.s., which is based on a long tradition and experience in the production of bearings at a high level, also contributes significantly to the provision of bearing needs.




The company was founded by Mgr. Zdeněk Hradecký in 1996 as a small local company, which over time developed into one of the most important suppliers of bearings and bearing systems in the Czech Republic. They are constantly expanding their product range so that they can best satisfy customers not only from the Czech Republic, but also to satisfy the ever-increasing foreign demand from Poland, Germany and the rest of Europe.

In 2004, they added ZVL brand bearings to their portfolio, and gradually developed into a major supplier of this brand. The excellent mutual cooperation and high quality of the offered ZVL bearings have led to the fact that since 2012 they have been the official distributor of ZVL SLOVAKIA, a.s.

The high added value of ZHL Ložiská s.r.o. is that many bearing designs for various industries are available immediately in stock. The ZVL brand makes up a significant share of their stocks.

An important part of their company are their employees, whom they train regularly and therefore are able to provide their customers with a complete consulting service. Thanks to this, they are constantly increasing their satisfied business partners.


IMET-CZ, spol. s.r.o.

IMET-CZ, spol. s.r.o. – product quality, fast and professional service

The company IMET-CZ, spol. s.r.o. has been operating in the bearings market since 2000. Since its inception, they have tried to follow the motto: “supply quality products and provide the highest quality services”. The operation of IMET-CZ follows the long tradition of the parent company Imet a.s., which is one of the leaders in the distribution of bearings on the Slovak market. In 2014, IMET-CZ moved to its own premises in Frýdek-Místek. In addition to stores and offices, this compound mainly offers large warehouse spaces, thanks to which they can satisfy the requirements of their partners as quickly and flexibly as possible.

Thanks to the long-term and trouble-free cooperation with ZVL SLOVAKIA, which began in 2004, the company turned into the official distributor of ZVL bearings, which enabled them to grow further.

They carry out transactions worth approximately CZK 100 million a year, which IMET-CZ ranks among the largest distributors of deposits in the area of ​​Moravia and the surrounding area. They offer their customers a wide range of domestic as well as foreign brands with a predominant representation of the ZVL brand.

Thanks to just-in-time deliveries and high-quality technical advice, IMET-CZ enjoys popularity with its customers.


LJUBEX International d.o.o.

Founded in 1990, Ljubex International has been the leader in bearing industry in Serbia for the last 30 years. Ljubex is best known for it is big and wide stock, as well as for a professional service and advanced technologies, includes, also education in the field of implementation of the concept “Industry 4.0” related to predictive bearing maintenance (lubrication as well as condition monitoring and digital services).

Ljubex product range is very diverse and includes bearings, hydraulic and industrial hoses . With product portfolio with more than 5,000 articles in the stock, it is recognised as reliable and confident partner, ready to answer on actual partners request.

Ljubex’s customer portfolio includes the most important companies in Serbia, such as National Electric Power Industry, Goša-FOM, Kapa Star, RAPP MARINE, as well as more than 500 smaller trading companies.

The cooperation with the company ZVL SLOVAKIA started nine years ago and since then it has been constantly growing thanks to the many years of experience of ZVL SLOVAKIA with the production of bearings, the good reputation that this brand has on the market and mainly due to the high quality of ZVL bearings.

Ljubex International is also a proud distributor of the ZVL brand thanks to the above.


Thank you for visiting us at AGRO SHOW Bednary 2021

During the 24th – 26th September, the agricultural exhibition AGRO SHOW took place in the Polish town of Bednary, which has a tradition of more than 20 years and is one of the largest agricultural exhibitions in Europe.

Almost 550 exhibitors exhibited their products on an area of more than 120 ha, while the ZVL brand was traditionally represented among them.
This year, AGRO SHOW Bednary was visited by more than 125,000 visitors, including our current partners, as well as many potential people interested in ZVL bearings.

We thank all visitors for their visit and look forward to further cooperation.

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