Dear business partners and end users of the ZVL bearings

There have been several cases on the market, where the customers have been deceived. This concern mostly the bearings from so called „buyouts,“ but in some cases it also concerns new bearings.


To avoid such situations we would like to stress the rules for dealing with older bearings from buyouts or any bearings marked with ZVL for the purpose of resale.

  • Without the consent of the producer it is forbidden to alter in any way the technical parameters of the bearing (regrinding of the radial play, creating grooves, change of the bore to tapered bore etc.) and consequently selling such bearings on the market under the trademark of the producer.
  • It is forbidden to perform preservation of the bearing and selling them without clearly stating by whom and when was the preservation performed. In the same time marking of the producer with the original manufacturing date must remain on the bearing. The customer must be informed about the risk of the technical condition, which may not be according to the standards. Considering the age of the bearings and interference by the preservation the producer cannot bear the responsibility for the technical condition of the bearing.
  • If it is not possible to meet the above mentioned conditions the trademark must be removed from the bearing and the bearing can be sold as neutral (without the trademark) or with other trademark used with the consent of the authorized person.

Every violation of the above mentioned rules in relation to the ZVL trademark will be monitored on the market and in case of finding of such violation of the intellectual property rights we will act in the sense of the owner of the ZVL trademark. We believe this process will protect the end customer and also the authorised distribution net of the ZVL mark.



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