Update – 11/2021

Dear business partner,
We would like to notice you to the part of our stock (list is below) with the name SPECIAL OFFER.

These bearings we offer to you as our customer with special discounted prices:

Code Type Volume pcs Special offer €/pc
A016017026303 16017 C3S0 17 4,43
E1223288993A4 22328KW33M C3 77 108,32
A702306751003 2306K 442 2,58
E1231328984A4 23132W33M C4 1 70,73
A006013286003 6013N 110 1,36
A061915010003 61915 290 4,72
A006306010203 6306 C2 204 1,16
A006313220403 6313ZR C4 72 5,99
A207301714003 7301B 1 023 1,12
A207303707003 7303B 4 151 1,89
A207306719703 7306B 2 404 2,83
F581115635001 GS81115 426 1,81
B000221767003 N221E 123 13,38
B002215811303 NJ2215 C3 94 10,99
B000319813303 NJ319E C3 52 22,01
B000413816303 NJ413M C3 2 17,60
B000215783303 NU215E C3 106 8,36
B0023447864A4 NU2344M C4 1 640,12
B0002647863A4 NU264M C3 2 494,54
B000415786003 NU415M 86 28,48
B000228798003 NUP228E 14 45,88
B000409801003 NUP409M 207 9,05
F581115636001 WS81115 358 1,95

Business condition: these prices are valid in case of min order 5 000 € (this min volume must be from above listed bearings only). Conditions for min volume 5 000 € is not valid in the case you will buy full quantity from certain position (e.g. NU415M C3 … 19 pcs) and order volume can be lower. These prices are final and there is not possibility for another additional discount. It is possible to individually negotiate the requirement for the minimum amount of 5000 €.
Delivery condition: FCA ZILINA
Validity of offer: 30 days

In case of offer from our stock or production plan we reserve the option of our sale to different customers before your potentional ordering.
All the bearings are offered with the designation of ZVL trademark.
To guarantee offered business conditions In case of order please put in to your order also notice SPECIAL OFFER as we can guarantee this business conditions.
We hope this offer will be interesting for you and you decide to send us an order. If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us.