ZVL ITALIA s.p.a. is one of the major suppliers of bearings on the Italian market thanks to its more than 45 years of experience.
As the name itself suggests, ZVL Italia has long been focused on the ZVL brand, making it the world’s largest marketer and promoter of the brand.

As the company has a huge warehouse space, it can also satisfy the demanding needs of bearings for primary production and also for aftermarket.
The fast and high level of service, together with the pricing policy, allows ZVL Italia to supply a wide portfolio of customers.

On the Italian market, ZVL Italia is known as a reliable and important supplier of bearings in the agricultural sector, as well as in the railway, automotive and steel industries, where it is necessary to guarantee above all a high quality of bearings.
The cooperation with ZVL SLOVAKIA a.s., which is based on a long tradition and experience in the production of bearings at a high level, also contributes significantly to the provision of bearing needs.



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