Thank You for Your Attendance at MSV Brno 2017

Dear business partners,

we would like to thank you for your attendance and visit of ZVL SLOVAKIA, a.s. stand on the International Engineering Fair 2017 in Brno, which took place from 9.10.2017 to 13. 10. 2017. Your trust and support help us to further strenghten the position of the ZVL brand on key markets and contribute to fulfil our sale and strategic goals. We appreciate your interest in our product portfolio, which is the result of our marketing efforts and at the same time we feel great responsibility and challenge towards our future goals. Your suggestions and remarks help us to improve our company and our products.
We hope the fair next year will be as good as this one. We are looking forward to see you again.


MSV Brno 2017
MSV Brno 2017

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